Kitchen Unit Prototype

The kitchen unit prototype is almost complete. I’ve built a full-scale replica from cardboard, to make sure all of the elements fit together perfectly – including the sink, tap, fridge, cookers, shower, and all of the wiring and electronics. I’m using two cheapo gas cookers (about a tenner each) rather than an ultra-expensive SMEV, or similar. This way, I have two cookers at the ready when I need them; If one fails, I have a backup; and I save a wad of cash. I’ve cooked on these things a lot, and they are really good. The fridge is an electric coolbox I’ve had for years, and the sink is a 28cm round stainless steel model, sourced on eBay for under £20. The shower is a small hand sprayer, perfect for rinsing wetsuits or blasting mud off of hiking boots. Tap should arrive next week, and once the water tanks are in place, I can try fitting it in the van.

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