Recycled Insulation


We’re not exactly hippies. We not trying to change the world or demonise anyone for their behaviour, but we like to keep things green where possible. I’ve never been a fan of fibreglass insulation. The last thing this world needs is more new plastic products. After some Googling, I came across Carbon Zero, a recycled ‘Eco-wool’ (not real wool, thankfully – I’m a vegan). This insulation is made from recycled glass bottles. It’s amazingly warm and soft, not scratchy like fibreglass. Just driving with the two rolls in the back of the van cut out a lot of road noise, it’ll be fantastic once it’s installed.

The insulation is available from Homebase for about £15 a roll.

Kitchen Unit Prototype

The kitchen unit prototype is almost complete. I’ve built a full-scale replica from cardboard, to make sure all of the elements fit together perfectly – including the sink, tap, fridge, cookers, shower, and all of the wiring and electronics. I’m using two cheapo gas cookers (about a tenner each) rather than an ultra-expensive SMEV, or similar. This way, I have two cookers at the ready when I need them; If one fails, I have a backup; and I save a wad of cash. I’ve cooked on these things a lot, and they are really good. The fridge is an electric coolbox I’ve had for years, and the sink is a 28cm round stainless steel model, sourced on eBay for under £20. The shower is a small hand sprayer, perfect for rinsing wetsuits or blasting mud off of hiking boots. Tap should arrive next week, and once the water tanks are in place, I can try fitting it in the van.