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Renovation Sneak Peak

May 31st, 2008 by kk

Renovation Sneak Peak

We’re midway through our complete RV renovation. Our new bedroom has gone from 1980s shabby and worn to modern and clean. Here’s a little sneak peak of our work in progress.

Left to right: Original; In Repair; Bones Fixed; Almost Done

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4 Responses

  1. robin

    I can appreciate what you are doing. We just were given an ‘88 Winnie that needs lots of work and I’m doing the same. What you’ve done so far looks great!

  2. lena

    Thanks Robin. We have completed the interior and are working on the online gallery for you to view. Good luck with your RV renovation!

  3. Judi

    We are doing a similar renovation and what you’ve done looks great. A few questions…what kind of paint did you use on the dash? Did you do it yourselves? What kind of flooring is it? Did you do the front new carpet by yourselves? These seem to be the trickiest areas, am I right?
    Thanks for your time.

  4. lena

    Hi Judi!

    Thanks for your nice comments. I hope your renovation is coming along - please update us on your progress!

    We completed all of the renovations ourselves. We are both novices, but we really enjoy this type of project: challenging, fun, rewarding.

    On the dash we used Rustoleum Universal spray paint in black satin. The outcome was exactly what we were wanting.

    The flooring is wood laminate that we purchased at Ikea (only $65!) - We went with this type of flooring because we needed something that would endure tough treatment and be flexible, literally, while traveling. We also installed molding at the joins, which was tricky with the angles. We stained quarter-round that we found at Lowes and then cut them to fit for the trim.

    We did, indeed, install the carpet. We purchased some indoor/outdoor carpet from Lowes. The engine cover was a devil of a time, but we finally got it. We ended up piecing together the corners with carpet strips but we are quite pleased the results. We glued the carpet to the metal casing both on the engine cover and the cab floor.

    My advice is to take the time to measure properly and try to be patient during installation. We were working in 105F degree temperatures inside our RV during this process, with no workshop just a picnic table, and when we’d need something extra we had a 30 mile round-trip to Lowes. We were going crazy! But we just laughed it off and kept going.

    Please keep in touch.
    ~ lena

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