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Goodbye to our Sweet RV but Hello to New Friends

June 6th, 2009 by lena

Goodbye to our sweet RV but Hello to New Friends

We sold the RV! And we could not have hand-picked better new owners. They called us from Destin, Florida and the next day we were showing Karen and Joe around the motorhome. They seem very pleased with it and are already using it.

Karen Griffiths is a brilliant painter and her work is amazing. Check out her paintings at her website: And Joe Sixpack is easily the best guitarist on the Gulf Coast. Look for his band Cruise Control (R&B, Motown, Country…) at a cool bar near you.

So much talent - and they are such a generous and sweet couple too. We could not be happier that they purchased our little RV.

And don’t forget Waldo. He’s the new king of the castle! He is also the new captain and will not leave the driver’s seat. All RVs need a dog, don’t they?

For more doggy action, check out the latest at the dog gallery >

Thanks again to everyone who followed us on our journey and stay tuned for more No Destination updates.

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3 Responses

  1. Karen Griffiths

    Joe, Waldo & I could not be happier than to have made such dear new friends. Their creativity & hard work has so enhanced our long awaited gypsy lifestyle in these(our best & happiest)”later” years. It all was meant to be & we know their exciting future holds much success & lovely moments. We love our RV & are sitting in the woods in Missippi (hooked on the Corps of Engineer Parks) as we speak.
    J,K & W

  2. John in Destin

    You two sure look happy. I hope you are having fun in the motorhome. Hope you can keep us updated too.

  3. karen griffiths

    Hi guys,
    All is great…….found a temporary resting place in AL…90 yr old victorian to renovate….Rocky is now leopard & zebra outside!!!!!!!He rocks!!!!!
    Call asap…..cannot find Lena`s e-mail….Love,
    Karen, Joe & Waldo

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