Size matters…

When we opted for a 22ft motorhome, almost everyone told us it would be too small. “You’ll need more space!” they cried, often from behind the wheel of their 40ft + behemoth. We didn’t think we would. Little Rocky didn’t have a basement, king size bed, full size bathroom or any of the other luxuries associated with full-time RVing, but we weren’t worried.

After a year on the road, not ONCE did we crave more space. We had everything we needed, and we made it work. We even had some cupboards and storage nooks completely empty. We hauled around a guitar, surfboard, many books and magazines, not to mention all of the tools and equipment needed for life on the road. It was a perfect size.

We figured that if a 22ft bus was this easy… how small could you go?

That’s part of our next plan, and our next vehicle.

The downside to a big-block Chevy V8 engined motorhome is definitely fuel economy. We’d average 10MPG – actually quite decent for a heavy-laden home on wheels – and since I was born and raised in the UK, where efficient diesels are plentiful, the low MPG would keep me awake at night. I knew the next rig had to be diesel, and as efficient as possible. The other benefit with diesel engines is the possibility of using veggie oil as fuel. I used to drive a Toyota Hilux 2.4 TD, which I ran on a blend of 30% diesel, 70% veggie oil. It ran like a dream, cost about half the price of normal fuel, and smelt really tasty. I did a lot of research to make sure the next rig would be happy with VO.

To get the best fuel economy, you have to consider everything that goes into your vehicle. With this in mind, I’ve started to plan the furniture, power systems, water storage and decoration with light-weight materials, cutting back on anything fanciful and unnecessary, are utilising reclaimed and repurposed items where possible. As we will be making extended journeys to far off lands (probably), I’m adding redundancy systems, such as duel water pumps and backup power supplies.

All of my grand plans have to fit comfortably in a vehicle approximately half the size of Rocky. An adventure in itself…


No Destination Reboot

Chilling in the shade, somewhere in the North Carolina mountains.

What? You thought selling the RV and moving to another country means we won’t be NoDes’ing around the world? NEVER! We’re gearing up to relaunch No Destination, in a whole new country, with a whole new vehicle, still with no destination…

The site will look a bit all-over the place until we’ve finished programming and designing the new look, so bear with us, we’ll be blogging and posting, renovating and fixing as soon as we can.